Logical reasoning required!

I believe that when one starts education, before he/she is taught concepts, there should be a mandatory and a brilliant course on logic. This should be done so that those who are interested can build their own logical explanations of the concepts that they are taught and can take every lesson with a pinch of logical salt.

Philosophers of the world, come out of your ivory towers and speak to children. Speak to them of logic and reasoning in a way they understand and in a manner which appeals them when they are most impressionable, when they are starting their journey in a world full of contradictions. You owe this to the world. This should be the sum total of your work.



एक बीज मिला मुझको
मैने उसे बो दिया
थोड़ी खाद थोड़ा पानी दिया
अब अंकुर फूट रहे हैं
कुछ आकार आ रहा है!
देखना है कौन सा पेड़ है
देखना है कितनी ऊपर जाएगा 
जानना है की पत्ते हारे होंगे या पीले
फूल लाल होंगे या नीले
चिड़ियाँ चहकेंगी या कौओं की कर्र कर्र होगी
लताएँ चढ़ेंगी या लंगूर
गुलिस्ताँ बनेगा साथ में या 
सड़क का किनारा

कल क्या होगा, कैसे होगा
किसको है इशारा
वही देखना है वही जानना है
देखना है कौन सा पेड़ है
देखना है कितनी उपर जाएगा?

आशा और तितली

पहली किरण , वो ओस की बूँद
फूटता अंकुर, सर्दी की धूप
आगाज़ करे आने वेल का
संचार करे मन में आशा का!

एक अकेली तितली
ढूँढ रही उस फूल को
जिसके मधु में प्राप्त हो
सुख और शांति उस निर्मूल को!

नभ की ओर

धधक रहा धुआँ सा है,
आग है सुलग रही!
उमंग भी भरा सा है,
राह नई है दिख रही!

जोश है जुनून है
है होश भी सुकून भी
कि कर निकालने जो चले
वो हो रहेगा कभी ना कभी!

सामने एक लक्ष्य है
ठहरना अब अक्षम्य है
उठे मेरे कदम उठे
नभ की ओर बढ़ चले!

The passion is alive!

It is one of those moments when ideas keep you awake even when the body is resigning. It is the force of one such idea which has me sitting up on my laptop, writing this post at 3 AM in the night. It has to be done. It should be done. It is worth a try if nothing else. Things can always work out. One has to make them work out. It can be extremely exciting!

It has a purpose – a purpose which makes sense and which will help me sail through forever and ever. The desire is there! Technology will come. It will catch up in the future. May be it is there already!

My First Car!

I bought my first car yesterday – A white Maruti Suzuki Alto Lx2003 model with AC and no power steering or power windows. It cost me 1.35 Lakhs 🙂 Got it from Carnation – A Jagdish Khattar initiative (http://www.carnation.in/)

It’s a very old car but I am not concerned since I am not planning on driving it forever :P. If I had a little more money I would have spent it to get a better Zen or something but given that budget was a constraint, this seemed good enough.

Haha. Almost, 12 years ago, my father had also bought a car – white, maruti with AC and no power steering and power windows for 1,35,000. It was an 800. What a coincidence. That car was very good though.