To remember when things are tough

Recently, I told a friend of mine that sometimes it is not possible to see the future from where we are standing. It rarely ever is a linear extrapolation from our current situation. As I was telling him this, I realized that it was me who needed to understand this the most. I sometimes fear what the future would be. I fear that if the present continues, it would not be for the best. And in telling him, I found this truth for myself. I stopped trying to extrapolate it and create a reality based on today which has as much possibility of not being true as it has of being true. Things change a lot and it happens in just a moment. Does not take very long. One could be going on a completely different path than imagined.

I better not forget this when times are tough because changes are always lurking just around the corner. It is a good probability that we would find a good one on the turn we fear so much.


One thought on “To remember when things are tough

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