Whatever happened to Federer?

Ever since the Wimbledon defeat he does not seem to have gotten over it. Imagine, the World no 1, the giant of tennis, gets out in the second round of some tournament and then is unable to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati Master’s! What just happened? Has his morale gone so down? Is it purely psychological or are there some physical factors? I read somewhere that he has been affected by a disease called mononucleosis ( which, apparently and interestingly , is also called the ‘kissing disease’). If it is that, I hope he gets well soon and once again begin the stride of his splendor which the world wishes to see more. These are trying times for Federer fans as they are for himself. On the contrary, Nadal his riding his winning horse in full fury and is poised to become the World No 1 which is all very good for him and for his fans including me. But, it is never ever interesting to see a former champ going down this way without even coming back and putting a fight. I just hope that this is a slight trough in Fedex’s career graph and that we will continue to witness the excellence of his tennis in the upcoming Olympics and the US Open.


2 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Federer?

  1. Nice Article! I feel exactly the same way- As a Die-hard Federer fan, Icannot believe this world number one (soon to be Nada) is out of such a small tournament (compared to more publicized ones). I take my hat off to Nadal, who is absolutely incredible at the moment, going from strength to strength. I am not a huge fan thought, mainly because of the defeat of Federer in Wimbledon. I really wanted Federer to win, as it is last chance to win all of those titles in a row- Nadal has many years ahead of him. With regards to the disease, it is called Gangela Fever, and yes, he did suffer from it, but I do not believe it to be affecting him now, In my opinion, it is purely psychological, Federer thought he was relatively safe, and so did all of his fans… but now Nadal is always in the back of his mind, and closing in on him all the time. Federer is just fazed by this, and ever since his defeat in Wimbledon, he has been failing miserably. It is annoying for us fans, as he is not the man we originally supported, It is in my opinion that Federer should take a break off, regain his composure and most certainly his confidence, and then reappear and start winning. All of these losses are too damaging to his points. Hopefully he will win the American open again, which he holds the title for, which will be a huge boost in his confidence, as right now he is feeling pretty down!

  2. Is it true that ever since Federer and his coach parted ways, it has been pretty much downhill for him? Does anyone know any other behind the scenes details?

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