Indian Economy

We rode the wave of 1991 reforms and that wave is now breaking. We have begun the slide into abyss of hard times. All because we have been led by fools who can only spout rhetoric and do nothing but rigidly follow the delusions of their own minds. 

History will not forgive Manmohan Singh. His is a sin of omission. He stood there and watched even when he knew it was not right. He played the role of a pawn perfectly but somewhere he forgot that being in the place that he is, he is committing a crime to not just few people but to an entire nation and its generations to come. I think he has been vastly irresponsible. He should have done better simply because he knew better. 

As for Sonia Gandhi, the lesser I say the better it is. She is constrained by the understanding she has of this world. All she knows is that she is a queen and she must help the poor needy people. Her’s is a patronizing attitude and  I get where it comes from. She did not come from the ground level. She came as a daughter in law and suddenly found herself the queen. Now she pities the common man because he must be helped. She does not understand that it is not her place to pity anybody. All she has to do is to get the government out of the way. This is what one expected Manmohan Singh to tell her. He did not speak, she did not listen and billions will suffer. 

I refuse to say anything about Rahul Gandhi. 

The times which are coming are going to be tough. More so because we have seen the golden time and know what is possible. 


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