Trivializing the word

I get a feeling that since the hyper-advent of social media, words have become as trivial as sand on a beach! Infact, sand on a sandy beach may be less trivial than the words strewn on the internet these days. 

Is there a festival coming? Oh well, wish everyone for that – a hollow, meaningless, generic, un-beautiful wish coming straight from your typewriter to the recipient’s screen. Gone are the days when one spoke/wrote from heart and the other heard/read it with some concentration. Oh long gone are those days. Now are the days of happiest-est, bestes-est, funniest-est, wittiest-est wishes for your birthday, festivals, national days, emotional days and all other days. 

Did you face a mild case of emotional down time? Was there a fly in your soup? Or was the sun just a wee bit hot and the traffic a wee bit bad? Well, well, you can be the next best writer about depression, you can be the soul which seethes with angst and knows pain which no one else knows. All you have to do is to express those feeling on facebook or twitter – “feeling depressed”. That’s right! Just two words and all the world would know the depths of your anxiety and loneliness. And my o my, if you add further 2 lines to that sentiment with some of your ultra modern poetry inspired by Shakespeare, Ghalib and Rumi at the same time, you have created a masterpiece which may be bested only by the art of an artist who will write a paragraph shouting ‘fuck off’ to the world and wanting to be left alone because his solitude is worth more than the entire world and his intelligence is something which we can all only pine for but never have! 

Just the same way, are you feeling a bit cheery? Is the breeze lovely? Are you wearing your favorite dress today? Well, let the world know. Let the world rejoice. Let them hear how ‘thrilled’ and ‘excited’ and ‘elated’ and ‘utterly joyful’ you are. Why not bare your teeth – as much as the emoticons would allow. Why not shower love on every random friend. Why not ‘absolutely’,’perfectly’,’superbly’ and ‘fantastically’ compliment everyone on the close up shots of their asses? 

All you depressed mourners and manic lovers, words are at your disposal and they are free. They are limitless. Throw them away as much as you want in any which way that you want. What of the meaning of them?? Oh nothing! That is a relic of the bygone days. Meaning and words were attached to each other when writing was meant to be sincere and not only flowery. When the judgement scale had a gradient. When things were good, better and best. Now things are best, bestest and besets-est. Now words are cheap and meanings are redundant. So rejoice. Write as much as you can on any platform that you can and don’t mean a thing! 

By the way, ‘Wish you all the bestest Eid ever” “Eid Mubarak” 😀 🙂




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