There comes a time in almost every kid’s life when she stops thinking about what her parents can do or have done for her and instead starts thinking about what she can do for them, how can she help them. This is a great turning point in one’s life when you go from being a kid to an adult. Not everyone comes to it and certainly not at the same point in life but I think most of us do. For me, this feeling of responsibility towards parents has been welling up for quite some time but was revealed to me today as a fully formed thought after talking to mom and trying to ease her worries. I feel like I should take care of her. I feel like I should take care of my father. I feel that now they should stop worrying and enjoy their lives. 

It is a scary turn of life because you realize that you have matured but mostly because you realize that your parents have become older. They are not as spritely as they used to be. They are not as robust and instead of you having needs, now they have needs. I am lucky because my parents are young. They married early and had me early but not all are lucky. And even after being a bit better, I suddenly feel so concerned. I just hope I can keep them happy! 


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