‘Up In The Air’

I just finished watching ‘Up In The Air’. It is an exquisite movie. Great theme!! Great direction and great acting. It is really really good. Too bad I saw it so late in the day.

Spoiler Alert

The whole theme is about companionship. Clooney plays a man who has always been against carrying the baggage of any kind of a relationship – blood or otherwise. Eventually he meets someone who he feels he can discard his philosophy for. And then there is a twist. He goes from feeling the bliss of solitude and independence to feeling the need for companionship and the joy it brings. He is disappointed in his new quest and ends up like before – alone and up in the air, travelling light!

There is a scene in the movie where he earns 10 million miles and is made to meet a distinguished pilot. It is a moment he has dreamed about all his life. That is what he has been working towards always. He has been imagining it and practicing the conversations he would be having. All of it does not matter when the moment finally arrives. He can’t remember what he had prepared to say. He can’t feel the joy he anticipated. He can’t feel the excitement he thought he would because at that time his priority is something else. It is a powerful scene. Makes one realize that when the moment arrives, it may not at all be like we imagine it would be. Things which matter so much to us at this moment may not be worth it at the next moment. There is always something bigger – a connection which we all need.

The emotions in the movie are controlled and moderated like grown ups do. Excellent watch! Made my night!


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