Regret, Resistance and Focus

For the past few weeks, I have been exploring a lot of written stuff related to Regret, Resistance and Focus. I have also, therefore, been thinking about it. Why these three emotions/behavioral responses? Because its these three which cause me much stress and prevent me from becoming my best or at least a better version of me.

1. Resistance – Steven Pressfield highlighted the term resistance caused by a fear or self doubt to attain that which we have dreamt of. This resistance results in a shrinking from doing the work, in making excuses, in running away. And that is the biggest brick wall I face personally on a day to day basis. The lack of motivation and an abundance of resistance to do that which I love and desire to do conceptually!

2. Regret: Resistance begets regret. When I fail to do a thing, I regret not having done it. As simple as that. All cause of misery starts with the the though ‘if only I had…’ and resistance causes me to not do stuff which end up being translated into regrets

3. Focus: I think that for me, resistance comes up when I lose focus. I tend to do 20 things at a time and this has me running from one to another where, in the end, I savor nothing and am left bitter. I am dissatisfied at not having anything done properly!



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