Our colonial mentality

When Professor Raghuram Rajan said that we Indians are still living with a colonial mentality, he was right. He hit the nail right on its head. He said that we were aslways reactive to the world situations rather than being the frontrunners in providing solutions. We were always looking out for what others are doing rather than providing original thoughts from our angle. Being home to nearly 20% of the world population, being one of the fastest growing countries in the world and being home to the youngest aspirational population, we have a unique perspective towrads many of the world problems. Prof. Rajan pointed out that our academicians are not doing enough to study the local dynamics in the larger global context and this puts us behind on the table where world dialogs take place.

I feel that’s 100% true. Although there is a growing conversation about India all aorund, most of it comes from an outside perspective which tends to paint the picture as either too rosy or too bleak. The ground realities could probably be best assessed by people who are on the ground and seeing things firsthand. We need to develop high intensity indigenous intellectual dialogues about where we have been, where we are and where we are headed. Doing this ground work would not only help us to get out of the colonial mentality that we seem to be trapped in, but also enable us to be more participative on the global front as a unique, forceful and original voice.

More on this later



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