This December I am going home!

I visit my parents every 4 months almost but this December I am going to go to my ancestral home. My village. The place where my Mom, Dad grew up as kids. The place where my grandparents lived.

I want to go there. To walk in the fields. To just feel the fresh air. To ride on the village roads. To hear the stories of what women want to say. To go and teach in a local village school. To gather and chatter with my aunts and uncles and their kids. To show them what the world holds. To show them how the world works. To  motivate them to do something better. To try and help the village in some of their processes. To tell the little girls that they can be big and strong and successful. May be just infuse a little bit of hope.

But most of all I want to visit to relive a simple life. A life which is free from artificial worries and unnecessary schedules.

I want to go to Rajasthan too. May be this Diwali.


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