Random Lists!

So I am bored, a bit free and with a desire to write. This led me to create 4 lists about myself –

1. Five Bad Things about myself

  • Extreme Procrastination
  • Inconsistency in thoughts, actions and behavior at times
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Social awkwardness, indecisiveness, dilly-dallying at times
  • Being either very rosy eyed or completely black eyed – lack of realism at times
2. Five Good Things about myself
  • Capacity to see and enjoy beauty in any form, capacity to be genuinely happy and experience extreme fun
  • Open mindedness, accommodating nature
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Positivity towards life
  • Passion and Enthusiasm at times
3. Five things I would do even if I am not paid for it – ever
  • Read, Explore and Understand things to expand my knowledge about the world and beyond
  • Try to spread knowledge by writing ( in form of notes, articles, books,…anything )
  • Dance to a loud music
  • Create something new, something beautiful, something artistic
  • Do something I believe is for greater good or should have been done and no one else is willing to do it!
4. Five things I would NEVER do even if I were being paid a million bucks for it – ever
  • Cut my hair very short – Its been a pet peeve since childhood
  • Become a man…hahahaa
  • Hurt Someone physically
  • Hurt myself physically
  • Forgive some people who have hurt me a lot emotionally (not lovers people – some people just hurt other people for fun)
That’s about it!

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