Conspicuous by Absence~

Social networking in this day and age has forced us to be present everywhere at all times. Omnipresent!

You have to be there to like the status messages, you have to be there to comment on the photographs, you have to be there to join protests and environment protection groups and causes, you have to be there to ‘Superlike’ any-damn-thing your near and dear ones write (even if it is ABCD). You have to be there to shout online in ‘intellectual’ group discussions prompted by someone’s deep thought which has been expressed in form of a status message or a post. You have to be there to wish everyone of your friends on facebook a very happy birthday in as flowery a language as possible, with as much show and pomp as you can muster. You have to be there to ‘talk secrets’ in comments and posts which noone besides your close group would understand but its there for all to see (you know just to pique the curiosity of everyone). You have to tell everyone every damn thing you do in a day. Be it sighing, going to the dentist, yawning, thinking, eating etc etc etc.

And if you are not doing all this, you, my friend, will be noticed. Without doing anything you ask? Yes!! That’s the whole point of this ‘social revolution’. You have to be communicating with someone about something, any damn thing, ALL THE TIME!!

If you are not, people would notice. ‘Hey! You did not like my photo! You did not comment on my post! Oh, you don’t know? I ate a hamburger today! See See…See in my post…I am such a deep thinker….and OMG, that youtube vid was so funny, I could not stop LOLing or ROFLing or ROFLMAOing

That’s the way it is. So get on the bandwagon and start churning out false sympathies, artificial sentiments, shallow thoughts, ephemeral revolutions, low brow art and kitsch. More and more kitsch. Because if you are not doing so, you would be conspicuous to all – conspicuous by absence!


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