Differences in what you think you are being seen as and how actually you are being seen, can be astounding!!

For me, to imagine that anyone would perceive me as having an attitude is unimaginable! I don’t have an attitude at all and yet this is what one of the interviewers thought – that I might have an attitude!!

Its really strange. I am not disturbed by it but I am concerned now that what I think I am projecting may not be what people are receiving. As a result, I might need to work on it sincerely. Sometimes, feedback – that too negative or constructive feedback is as important as introspection.

This is a time, I think, to stop thinking inwards and expand outwards and make changes to adapt better in the world in which you are going to be.

But I still cannot imagine having an attitude problem. Seriously! What would trigger that thinking is beyond me. (Maybe, I cut some one while they were talking. I should watch out for this. In an eagerness to discuss and share my ideas, I may inadvertently be coming out as brash and may be cutting people. There should be balance between being aggressive and showing that you are curious and participating)

Well well well ! There is so much work in life.


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