India – My Thoughts

Today I want to write about India. I don’t know what I want to write or how I want to write and why I want to write on such a topic. But all of a sudden, an urge has come upon me to register my thoughts about my country which is India.

I have never been to any other country except a day log visit to Nepal ( which let’s face it, not so much different from some our own hill states). My chance to go to USA vanished with a quick B1 visa rejection. So, ideally, I should not be doing a comparative study at all. What I shall do, is to try and explain different phenomena that I have seen happening around me.

India is a bustling country. There are lots and lots of people. Too many. Much much more than it can afford. Curiously, we are kind of proud of that kind of productivity. The land is a little less to house so many people comfortably. As a result, mostly in India people live uncomfortably. The amount of land available per person would be one among the lowest I think. Why am I writing this point as the first about a country which boasts of so much history and future?? Because that is the first thing I witness everywhere I go. So many people, so few resources. Everywhere!!!

Second thing I notice is the vitality. Everyone is busy. There is hustle and bustle. People chatter, chitter, loiter and litter too. They invest their time, energy and money in future. Almost every Indian is concerned about the future much more than the present. And what a contrast it is – so much concern about the future while completely disregarding the present- will there be a future at such a rate? I am astonished to see the amount of litter which is generated and I am worried thinking how and where all of it is disposed.

Third thing I notice is the insane amount of copying which Indians do. Be it films, be it lifestyle, be it literature, be it culture, be it anything. We try to copy anyone with a fair skin and golden hair. We are still in a weird sort of way servile to the concept of  ‘whiteness’. We lust for their lives. Everyone wants to go and settle abroad (which might be in a very big way because of the population pressure condemning so many people to live in such a small place). Everyone wants to eat and wear what Americans eat and wear. We love movies which Americans make. We love dishes which Americans bake. Heck!! We even called the American President as “THE PRESIDENT’, giving him complete authority over ourselves and submitting like a sweet, docile “Ramu Kaka” of the old Hindi films. In that sense, what I see is not much of self respect. But, it is very important to note that this lack of self respect is only in front of the fair skinned. Amongst ourselves, we have huge egos. We fight with each other like mad dogs on any darn thing. Again, too many claims, too little to give.

I have also needed that we Indians, need sanctioning for our every action. We need, nah, we crave, for a pat on the back. In childhood, it is expected from the parents, thereafter, it is expected from the whole society. We are a little weak to go out and do something really out of ordinary. Though, very happily, that trend has tarted to change now.

…..To Be Continued (I have been interrupted by You Tube :|)




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