Quillpad rocks!!!

So, I have discovered this web text editor called Quillpad which allows one to write in Hindi in a very very simple manner. It is just so convenient and easy to use. It supports 10 indian languages and english. It is much better than the other hindi text editors I have tried. The conversion from English to Hindi is very intuitive. Plus, they have suggestions and a very easy way to navigate among the suggestions (using the ‘Tab’ key). It was using quillpad that i was able to write the Hindi poem below. This tool is strongly recommended by me for all the Hindi and other Indian language writing lovers. It is about time that we started expressing our views in other languages on the web. Imagine the flexibility. I believe, it will also bring out many unsaid thoughts and would help in preserving the small eccentricities of languages like their quotes, kahavats, muhavares etc.

I am happy! 🙂

बस एक ही बात कहनी है – अति उत्तम!!


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