A day in life!

Angelina Jolie arrives in Moscow, a dozen are killed during a festival in Germany, and Bangalore remembers a respected actor. A look at images from India and around the world.

That is the order in which the photographs of the news appear in “The Hindu” picture slideshow. Interesting, isn’t it?

I fail to understand the obsession of people with the celebrities and what they do and then again I fail to understand the self importance that these celebrities have. Human nature is so complex.

Just watched “Matrix” series again. Loved it totally! The first part was the best though. The concept was really a jerker and the technology used in the movie, revolutionary. I do not get why Angelina Jolie is hailed as the best female action star. One should see Carrie Ann Moss in the Matrix series. She rocks ! It is a very stylish movie.

On a philosophical level, it raises so many questions about the concept of free choice and fate, coincidence and consequence, chance and cause (in the words of the Merovingian!) The movie also has some very great lines spoken by the characters.

Loved it on the whole!


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