Wonderful Woman – J.K.Rowling

Let me write here about the one who created for us a magical world which utterly fascinated us and left us spell bound. I am talking about J.K.Rowling here. The authoress of the ‘Harry Potter and …’ series. A woman whose power of writing made millions stand in queues for whole night so as to be able to get the latest edition of her books.

As fascinating the stories in her books are, equally fascinating is her rise to riches from rags life story. Her books and her status today needs no introduction. She is world famous, she is rich beyond dreams, she is married and settled and has done as well as one could hope to do.  However, when she started out, the situation was exactly the opposite. She was poor, a single mother, out of any job, recently divorced and living on state welfare.

At one place, she describes how she used to sit in cafes with her child sleeping besides and write because she did not have any heating in her own home, in the winters of london. And that just makes me think that how much dedication and determination and hardening of desires it takes. How much a heart had to be solidified to just strive on towards doing something when everything around you is shouting that you are a failure and are going to fail in the future too. More than the outward struggle, it is difficult to deal with the inner struggle and stick up for yourself. Look somewhere inside yourself and find the strength to say that ‘Yes, I can’!

This is what makes Miss Rowling special. She swam against the waves and how glad we are that she did!!

You rock J.K. Rowling.

You will forever be an amazing and wonderful woman for me, not just for the Pottermania and the way you got to it but also because of the speech you gave at the Harvard Commencement called “Fringe Benefits of Failure”. Read it at: http://harvardmagazine.com/commencement/the-fringe-benefits-failure-the-importance-imagination


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