Of Goal Posts and stuff!

I have always imagined a fixed goal post or none at all and worked towards it. When that happens, life is convenient. It happens for most people till the age when they are in college and for a lucky few, even after that.

To me, disillusionment came pretty early in life. The goal post vanished and no goal at all was not acceptable. One hell of an uncomfortable situation. I kind of split apart. In so many directions. Being the fool that I am, I could not conceive the idea of a moving goal post. I thought that it was extraordinary to not have any goals at all or to have one but not be able to see it. It was like wandering in pitch darkness without any support for directions (reminds me of Dan Brown’s Last Symbol Lab Setup). I wandered for long without moving ahead.

Time is a great wizard. It makes head grow just like that. Mine also grew a bit. Externalities also coaxed and I started moving towards no goal. Bit by bit (like Newton Raphson method in Numerical Analysis), I am converging towards that goal and may be able to see it sometime soon. Bit by bit, I am accepting the idea of a movable goal post and I am ready to play the game which uses that. That game is Life!! I am not getting a hang of it. Still far from being a champion at it but one can always strive and I am doing that!

I may become good at it eventually, I may not. The objective is to give the damned game a fair chance and fullest effort! It is surreal to realize sometimes how much distance has been covered in just a year! More emotionally than in any other way!



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