Life and such

For a few fleeting moments, I have experienced the feeling of total detachment and yet total absorption in this world. It is ephemeral, disappearing even before one realizes that it occurred. I think it is one of those moments when you realize what being alive actually is.

It is not being so involved in something that you are unaware of everything else but being so involved in everything that you are aware of everything with full senses. It is an awesome feeling, only if it were sustainable. It needs a kind of detachment.

I cant fully explain but whenever I do experience it, I am full of joy. I feel so light that I could fly and I am glad to be existing. It is just marvellous. And I believe, all our strife , misery, hard work is aimed towards getting that feeling more and more often. However, in the long run one probably forgets the long term goal and just exists to fulfill trivialities which are quite inconsequential towards the real goal.

But then again, not to underestimate the power of small and each single moment, that is what we should work towards: making every living moment, a full awareness of our lucky existence.!


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