Blah blah!

I want to write something today. Just anything. So, here goes:

I love to get information, know about new stuff. I am also deeply motivated when I encounter a person with great passion for his/her job. They fill me with hope and optimism and happiness. I appreciate people who can find joy in the stuff that they are doing and I completely dislike people who do something just because that is how it is supposed to be and is the politically correct thing to do. I dont mind persisting with a problem so much and banging my head against it. I do however, mind stuff that is routine and boring and mechanical to the point where you are just a cog in the wheel.

I know that I am an extremum and very difficult person to get along with when in a normal mood. I also dislike people who will generally cross question on every single point and try to establish superiority by showing someone down.

I also tend to get involved a lot in the personalities in the beginning. Have to totally stop doing that because personalities of n varieties will be encountered in this lifetime and all cannot be hated. There is not enough hate in one’s heart. Neither is their love. Indifference is there, in enormous quantities. Has to be made use of.


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