So I thought that this would be a different year and indeed life has been weirdly strange since I left college and entered the world as it is. This world is strange. It did not suit me first. It is filled with bad, cliched, old jokes, mundane tasks, tiring people, stale philosophies, sham, show off, bloated egos, ‘care-a-fuck’ attitude and much more vices than I expected to see and realize in so short a time. But there are also silver linings as are everywhere. It is not a “given” fairy tale for sure. One can make it a fairytale.

I think I will surely look back at this time with a relief when I pass it. There is so much preparation in every field happening for something to happen but that damned thing itself is not happening. When those events occur, I will be glad. Hate the speculative phase.


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