4 years completed

This blog completed its 4 years in December. Time just flies sometimes and sometimes it seems to last so long. So much has changed since it started that the life before and after that seem like two different books rather than two pages of the same book. It is good in a way. I have changed a lot! A LOT! For the good, I suppose.

I have been reading blogs that diss New Year Resolutions as frivolous time pass and may be it is when not made seriously. But sometimes the start of a new year brings with it a new sense of conviction, a want to change self and make long term future plans. I think it is a good time to assess the past year and make some decisions about the new. Whether you keep them or not is obviously a very case dependent thing. So, today finding the time on my hands, I started writing this thing (I dont know what genre it exactly is).

I have made this year’s resolution. And that resolution is to work towards a change and make that change happen! Personally and Professionally!

The list is long BUT the will is strong!!

Happy New Year! This is not just a wish but a reality !


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