Watched Paa today in an old cinema hall…with the balconies and stalls and cheap popcorn and coffee. It brought back some fond memories…of old times…and three of us girls got the last row with an almost corner seat. Not a good place to sit I must say! A couple in front was engaged in a lot of PDA and their heads interfered with the movie viewing experience.

Now, coming on to the movie – It was wonderful. Brilliant acting by all involved. Amitabh is the king! He can take any role and make it his own. He has some magic. Abhishek Bachchan was excellently suited for the role of a young, dynamic politician. And as the mother, Vidya Balan was terrific ! I seriously dont understand her critics. She has bad styling choices? So what! She is one actress today who ACTS! And that too wonderfully! Not like Katrina Kaif who may have lots of style but are a shame on name of actresses. I give a big applaud to vidya for her performance and having the guts to do something substantial without listening to her detractors !

One more special mention must be made for the dialog writer. He/she has done a fabulous job! Very witty and funny and realistic !

Loved the movie !


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