20 things I like

Today I read a post from someone where he had mentioned about 51 things that he is happy about. And I thought what a great idea it is. I have been known to have many dislikes. My mom says that I should less often state what I do not like and tell her at least one thing which I like. So, coincidentally, this being a thanksgiving day, it will be nice occasion to write about what I like and be thankful for it. I will do only 20 things because even that number is hard for me to come up with, let alone 50.

So, here is the list. (and a first list of any kind on this blog, i reckon)

I like that:

  1. I have a super nice family. The best set of people that one can get. Mom, Dad and Bro, 2 thumbs up!
  2. I have some really good friends, who can help me when I need them.
  3. I like to read a lot.
  4. I have curly hair, even if i crib about it endlessly.
  5. I laugh out really loud, sometimes even scaring people. But it is a clean, heartfelt laughter.
  6. I can enjoy silly things and find joy in stuff like good food, a beautiful scenery, nice walk, good conversation.
  7. I like all colours.
  8. I am a liberal, almost feminist.
  9. I have enthusiasm and passion to do something of value.
  10. I have a beautiful handwriting.
  11. I can use and understand sarcastic humour.
  12. I am becoming more and more confident in presenting myself to others.
  13. I have a willingness to learn and improve.
  14. I can be kind and non judgmental with people.
  15. I can understand some hi-fi maths and physics.
  16. I can dream.
  17. I am pretty much independent now.
  18. I can learn some stuff pretty quickly.
  19. I never give up.
  20. I know that I can improve and I try to.

Okay, so that came about and its a good list. What say?? I should do more positive lists. Perhaps that will make me more positive and remind me that what are the important things in life.



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