Sartre, Camus Quotes

These are some gem of quotes from the great philosopher Jean Paul Sratre. Have a look :

  • Fear? If I have gained anything by damning myself, it is that I no longer have anything to fear.
  • Man is not the sum of what he has already, but rather the sum of what he does not yet have, of what he could have.
  • My thought is me: that is why I cannot stop thinking. I exist because I think I cannot keep from thinking. 
  • One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. One lives one’s death, one dies one’s life.
  • I am no longer sure of anything. If I satiate my desires, I sin but I deliver myself from them; if I refuse to satisfy them, they infect the whole soul. 
  • If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat. 
  • If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company. 
  • It disturbs me no more to find men base, unjust, or selfish than to see apes mischievous, wolves savage, or the vulture ravenous. 
  • Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth. 
  • Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. 
  • Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices.
  • As far as men go, it is not what they are that interests me, but what they can become
  • Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is.
  • God is absence. God is the solitude of man.
  • Generosity is nothing else than a craze to possess. All which I abandon, all which I give, I enjoy in a higher manner through the fact that I give it away. To give is to enjoy possessively the object which one gives. 

Albert Camus’s quotes :


  • But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? 
  • At 30 a man should know himself like the palm of his hand, know the exact number of his defects and qualities, know how far he can go, foretell his failures – be what he is. And, above all, accept these things. 

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