ORIGAMI – The japanese art of paper folding.

It creates extraordinary representation of anything by floding just a single sheet of paper in most of the cases.

For the prison break fans-that swan which Micahel Scofield folds is a piece of origami.

For the fans of mathematics, origami is challenging.  A lot of concepts of mathematics are used which mainly aim at drawing the pattern designs on the original unfolded sheet. 

There are 4 mathematical rules for origami crease patterns:

  1. crease patterns are two colorable
  2. at any vertex the number of valley and mountain folds always differ by two in either direction
  3. at any vertex, the sum of all the odd angles adds up to 180 degrees, as do the even.
  4. a sheet can never penetrate a fold.

Significantly, paper exhibits zero Gaussian curvature at all points on its surface, and only folds naturally along lines of zero curvature.

A very interesting lecture has been given by Robert Lang on the mathematics of Origami, its current and potential uses. Do have a look.


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