Eminem- Discovered

Yeah! I discovered Eminem this week. Too late, I know! But I sort of was not into music before, in his hey days and much less into Rap. Then 2 days ago his new single came and there was all this news that Eminem is back. So, I checked that song out and I liked it. I found it was funny and satirical and too darn in your face. So, I thought I should check out more of his songs and I did. And I am now a fan. I like it. I like rap for the first time perhaps. Since last two days, I have been non stop listening to his songs.

The particular ones which I extremely like are: Stan(love the concept and the bit by Dido), The Real Slim Shady, Lose Yourself(a gem), Just Lose it, The way I am, My Name is, Superman and Guilty Conscience.

As direct as he is, he can scare people. It is true when he says that he speaks things which people only think or only discuss in darkness. He is least of all daring, and a great musician, because the songs have a hooking quality to them.

So, I am a new addition to the Eminem appreciation society.Ha!! Writing a pure language in his praise seems like a sin :). Oh and he is cute too. I also found out that Eminem means MnM which is his name actually ( Marshall Mathers)…

great guy!! Does not give a shit abt what others think( seemingly )


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