Updated to version 2.0

I suppose, in everybody’s life there comes a time when they upgrade themselves from version 1.0 to version 2.0. That is when they become adults, strengthen their beliefs, form a life philosophy. I am not saying that everything is written in stone but things are more or less finalized. The way of thinking, the likings and the dislikings more or less get fixed. What I mean to say is that people figure themselves out and that what they need to do. That is the version 2.0.

I think that I was in the updation process since last two years and now i am nearing the completion. Very soon I will have updated myself to 2.0.

After level 1 and level 2 comes level 3. That is the level when the person becomes an icon. You know, the kind who people like to follow and praise. That is when one reaches above self because they have almost perfected themselves in the sense of attitudes and goals and beliefs and behaviour. I would like to place the sports’ greats like Nadal and Federer, Good professors, scientists and successful CEO’s, authors, TV personalities, some movie stars in that category.

At 4.0, one almost attains the formula of life, the secret of world and becomes almost sublime. They are the people like Buddha, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Marx, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Ashoka etc.

I want to be there-at level 4.0. But if I cannot be there, I will like to be at least at level 3.0 sooner than later. For now, I am at 1.99 .

I think that is a good way to improve oneself. Setting goals. Obviously I am not the first one to realize that.


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