India NZ Test 3

What the hell is wrong with the batsmen? Why can they not drop an anchor and stay on the crease and hit a century or two?? Is this supposed to be the team taking on the number one spot? I don’t think so! Achieving 50 something runs has become a big deal. This is not done. Harbhajan Singh, 7th down bowler is making as many runs as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid and The Mighty Sehwag.

The less said about Yuvraj Singh, the better it is. He has totally disappointed. And now, I think he has had enough chances in Test matches. He now needs to desperately play in the second innings otherwise he will be reduced to the one day side forever. We cannot keep hoping that some day, some day in the future of unknown he will regain his form. I mean that is not we are looking for really, for him to be comfortable. We are looking for results. Laxman only comes to his form when there is a test match to be saved. All the other time, he leaves it totally upto other batsmen and he himself relaxes.

Is this the world’s best batting line up?? I dont think so at all. World’s best are supposed to perform in all conditions. If they cannot they are not world’s best. They are just good.

I am a fuming, angry fan here right now.!! Disgruntled !!!


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