It is amazing that how it is easy for people to accept a lie they expect than to accept the truth they do not expect. It just throws me overboard. We are terribly fortified in our minds. We need to come to the beaches, go to mountaintops and take a dive ..all in the mind, just to get out of that fortress of already formed opinions and expectations.

I messed up somethings. I told people that I did not do a certain thing ( which had really serious implications) because I did not want to do it. No one believes me. Okay! But that is the truth. I did not want to do it and so I did not, even though it had some un-pretty consequences.
Then I experimented. I started telling them that such and such happened because I was really troubled and was not well and kinda depressed and etc etc etc , and well guess what? Everyone took it so well, they lapped it up. They totally accepted it. But that is not true, at all.

Mind plays huge games.


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  1. Yeah, I suppose it is. As I said, i was experimenting this time. In the future, I think I would be rather honest and in any case, I was honest with people who matter

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