Does it ever happen to you that you are suddenly hung up on a word. It is almost like it can not get out of your mind . It happens to me many times. This time it is “frazzled”. Every 5 minutes or so I find myself uttering it. Why does it happen? There should be some neurobiological explanation for this right? I am curious to know.

I just love saying frazzled. I like the way it sounds. The way fra almost starts elegantly, like some sophisticated french word and then suddenly the zzs make it funky and fun and almost playful and then -ed hammers it to a stop. I like its construction. Visually, it reminds me of rough hemline of a dress, of a bad haircut, of cheerleader’s tom tom and most of all my state of being before an exam 🙂

That’s about how frazzled I am right now. Has it frazzled you?? I bet!


One thought on “Frazzled

  1. i just looked up ‘anandmath’ on google when one of the results that showed up was your blog where one of the posts was on that book’s review. and i have been reading other posts you wrote which are interesting and non-self-indulgent topics. your choice of topics is very diverse which i think makes for good reading as a blog.


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