Small Talk- I’d rather shutup!!

I like to discuss, to talk about ideas, to appreciate the beauty of things be it philosophical concepts, mathematical equations, physics of the world or the character formation in a child, agnosticism, religion, mysticism, cynicism. Aything! Juts give me something to talk about. I will be happy. If it is over dinner and drinks, I am in seventh heaven ( clue to a dating partner :P)

What I absolutely, terribly fear and hate and am totally inept at is making small talk. I cannot entertain people one on one in a conversation. I cannot talk about daily life. I am horrendous at it and that is the reason why I shy away from making phone calls, meeting people for 5 or just generally stop by to chat. I suffer! I really admire people who are good at it. How do they come up with things to talk about, to tell is only known to them. I am so stunted in this that I cannot even answer a question like “What is going on in life?” I have no bloody answer to that question.

However, I have figured out a way. A way of survival. It at least helps me get through 5 minutes. The trick is to ask questions to the other person before he/she can to you. If it is a specifically talkative person you are on. They will now handle teh scene. If normal, it is still OK. But in the worst of all cases if you are stuck up with someone like yourself, well, then the silence rules.

Sometimes I try hard and engineer some topics to be talked about in small talk sessions. These days, I have run out of all because there is not much action happening anyway. So, this is a big drawback in my life. Really, really huge drawback.  And you know its not only a loss of thoughts about what to speak but I get unnecessarily riled up and nrevous and feel guilty and what not. I know it is ridiculous to be syaing such things but that happens. It is rather weird that a person who has been on a wide social scene would develop this fear later in life. That I recognize it, I will be able to cure it for sure but it is weird really!

Anyway,I think that was a lot of small talk for a blog 🙂


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