The Conquest of Happiness – Bertrand Russell

Finally, I got to read the much talked about works of Bertrand Russell. What new can I add to the panegyrics that already have been bestowed on him.

All I can say is that he writes with lucidity and critical analysis. The gist of this work is that moderation is a prerequisite for happiness and that the interests of a person should be located in outside world and in other people and not within himslef because if it is inwards, the constancy of the subject is bound to get boring and leads to boredome etc.

This is a book of which a personal copy should be kept and should be reverted back to whenever in doubt. Despite the fact that it was written in 1930, almost all of it is relevant in the lives that we live today. A classic!

The fact that he was a logocian endears him more to me. I somehow feel that he is like my grandfather. In looks and in virtues,he reminds me so much of my babaji.


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