Am sold on it!! This is apparently a show about nothing and that’s true. It’s pure nonsense but it is hilarious!! It took me time to get started on it. After 3-4 episodes I started getting the hang of it and have been addicted since then. Storylines are not very great, as a matter of fact, there are hardly any storylines as such, but the situations, the acting: top class, too good.

The best character: George Costanza. He is such a big LOSER that you can’tdo anything but enjoy the character. He is hilarious. The acting done by Jason Alexander is supremely good. Now Jerry Seinfeld is a very quick witted comedian but not half good an actor. However, every other character on the show is a gem. Be it Kramer, Elaine or George. They are the true stars of the show.

I love it!! I laught it !!


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