What India needs?

Two things should be the most imporant things to look after. It is not that other things are not important but if one has to point out just 2 things that have to be done to solve the problems fast, I would bet my money on the follwing two:

1. Removal of Abject Poverty

2. Ensuring Gainful Employment

Now, the NREG scheme started by the government is a very positive step in the direction of first goal. In the least it will ensure food for two times. But that is not sufficient. There is a hell lot more to be done.

As for the second option, nothing is working. Nothing. People are graduating and not getting a job. That is the worst thing because that breeds all kindof ills. An educated idle mind is more dangerous that uneducated idle minds. So, the whole effort of improving higher education will be wasted if we do not provide employment to te people who are getting graduated.

What is the solution? How can the government empower the people to make themselves useful. The easy and temporary solution is to establish institutes and such to employ. But this is unsustainable and inefficient and costlymethod. Other way is to boost industry and service sector. As of now, only nearly 25% people are working in industry and 16% in industry/manufacturing. These statistics together have to shoot up to at least 60%. If that happens we will have achieved muchof our goal.

I am sure there are many innovative solutions to overcome this, just when and where they will come into play is the question. I hope soon.


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