I Dare – Kiran Bedi

As a matter of fact, when you think about Kiran Bedi, that is the first word which comes to mind, Daring. She is a woman of so much substance that I am afraid , no other will be able to match her up soon. She takes up every challenge and converts it into success. She does what she is told is not possible and she does it in such style that naysayers have to bite their tongue.

As for the book, it is not very well written. I have a problem with the style where events are described, time of happeneing not withstanding. I prefer the chronological order, specially in books meant to be factual or at least for the most part factual. This book is not. The woman we are talking about is so extraordinary here that I feel the book was not able to potray all that she is as well as it could have. The subject is immensely interesting but the presentation is a little lackadaisical. Nonetheless, if one wants to read and know Kiran Bedi, this is the document to pick up.

It certainly has inspired me, as I am sure several other girls and told them that there are no limits. There are only those limits which we create for ourselves.


5 thoughts on “I Dare – Kiran Bedi

  1. Hi,

    Am looking for a help, dont know how to reach till Madam Kian Bedi.If possiblel to get email ID or post mailing address.

    looking forward for a reply


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