Ghosts of the Christmas Past

I guess everyone has to face that in their lifetimes at least once. The coming back of the past memories, friends, occasions that stir up something melancholy in the heart and it burns. Shows us the ghosts of the Christmas past. It happened to me this year for the first time. Primarily, because there were ghosts to be seen: of unspoken truths, of un-confessed pain, of unsaid misery and the silent bearing of it all. It had to come.
Let me tell you though, it was fantastic to meet them. It was fantastic to say hitherto unspoken things out loud and it was very nice to face them and be able to look in the eye, even if for a moment or two.

Such is life. One cannot escape: the past, the present or the future. One can only embrace and this Christmas I did. I embraced my ghosts and surprisingly, they were gentle and caring and they let me go.
In the new year, I will make new ghosts, which will be past the next to next year and then I want not to be afraid of them. I will make sure I am not.


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