Pirates et al

Wow!! There are really pirates in the seas of Somalia and they kidnap ships and ask for ransom and Indian Navy is fighting them off. They have sunk one of the pirate ships. In 11 days, 10 ships have been hijacked by the pirates. All that cool movie stuff that we see on the big screens about sea fights is actually happening. I never thought that in our age I will see stuff about sea wars. But hey!! It is happening. I am sort of glad for the navies because I always thought that that wing of the forces was not really given a tough task except endure sea sickness. Now, they have got a real fight. And I am so impressed by the Somali pirates. With their limited means, they are hijacking well stocked hi tech ships.

Disclaimer: I do not intend to make fun or belittle any armed force. It’s just that I could not stop from making a small joke.


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