Captain Cool!

I am talking about none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fondly called MS.



I think that would it make for a great comic book character which will be based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is a superhero with a bat. He is that- a superhero!! He is just so amazingly calm and yet so aggressive and has a perfect winning record under his captaincy. Some say he has got the midas touch. Well, lucky for us!! But also he is so cool and calm and composed and so positive. There is hardly anyone who does not like or appreciate Dhoni. Initially, some people criticized that he only did pinch hitting and that he was not really a fine batsman. Well , over the past many matches he has proved otherwise by scoring consistently. That pinch hitting is his strength should not be a problem. In him, India has got a wonderful gift. I am beginning to wonder if Indians are genetically gifted in cricket. The Britons, the inventors of the game have now been completely sidelined and are whining and complaining about the Indian ascendency on the cricket scence.

With IPL, we have just launched forward into the next tier of cricket and there will be no looking back now. Right now, it is all very positive and happening and looking good. With Dhoni at the helm, we can relax and leave it to his luck or demeanor or talent or whatever you call it. He will take us forward. He is our Captain Cool and we all love him.

He has been named the Man of the Match for the astonishing test match that India played against Australia. This match will be remembered for a lot of reasons. Of which, one of the bigger ones is the solidification of Dhoni on the test scene.


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