Doctor Who

So, I initiated myself to Doctor Who, the BBC Science fiction series, today with a couple of episodes and I am not surprised that it looked very promising and that I may start watching it after all. The best thing is that its fast moving, every episode there is a different story, it is racy, adventurous and humorous, all at the same time. I had heard a lot but now I have experienced, the thing called the dry British wit. It is fantastic. First, Douglas Adams and now Doctor Who. So much humor in science fiction, that is a thing very rarely seen.

I like Doctor Who more because I like the character who plays it- David Tennant. He is good. I am just sorry that I got to know about it so late. But better late than never.

One thing I rue is that we, in India, have not been able to create something really humorous along with great quality. All things in the end here turn to sleaze comedy. In domain of comics too, none of our central characters or superheroes are funny or a little wayward or light headed. All of them have to be the perfect good guys with a brooding soul who never think of anything other than saving the world. Sigh! The only salvation is Bankelal. He is funny alright. But, then he is too frivolous and miles away from any seriousness at all. I think we could do with an indigenous Doctor Who like character.


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