In India, there is no national religion except CRICKET.  Yeah, we worship cricket here. And, there is a reason for that. Make that two, if you will. First, we are mad about cricket and second, it is only in Cricket where Indians dominate the world, more often than not, as splendidly as they did in Mohali Test against Australia. Our men in Blue wearing white though, made us extremely proud this last week. What a display of magnificence. Every one just shined and shined on and the Aussies got some bashing alright.

Sachin became the highest run scorer in the whole wide world ( Beat that!! ), Dada showed us why we love him and why he is so formidable, the Captain Cool was cool as usual and wielded his bat marvelously. Zaheer Khan came back with a vengeance, Ishant Sharma stood tall ( literally and figuratively ) and Amit Sharma made himself visible with a bang!! And I should not forget Gautam Gambhir and Bhajji .Super Performance and a knockout for Australia. Wonder what Symonds must be thinking?? 😛 Ponting is naturally disappointed. This was Australia’s heaviest Test defeat since April 1991, when West Indies had beaten them by 343 runs in Barbados. It was also only the tenth time in 96 matches since 2000 that Australia were bowled out for less than 200. [ source: cricinfo ]

It is only Team India which can get beaten in worst manner and yet turn around and beat the hell out of others. It was simply world class play at display and the fact that it was against Australia is the cherry on th cake or lets say the cake for the cherry. Oh, that is what makes us mad about cricket. It is the single most phenomena which can transport us Indians to the top of the world and above in a matter of days. Indian cricket makes us taste victory. It makes us feel proud. It makes us raise our heads after defeating the best, arguably.

Dhoni said he has never seen Australia being outplayed so much and he is damn right!! What with all the guns from our squad firing, and theirs a little rusted, Indian team did it. Now we have a lead of 1-0 in the series. Only if this could be maintained and India win the series to wash the stain of being defeated on the home ground by Australia after 20 something years, I would be max happy. But that is another thing with Team India, they are very very unexpected. The next thing we know, they could be miserably beaten in the next match.

However, the men in Blue have won some million more of admirers to the already billion numbered fan club.

Hoo Haa India, Jeetega India.

I love cricket!!

I love Sachin, Dhoni and Dada and others too but not so much. I want to write on them too but later.


2 thoughts on “Cricket

  1. Actually in the last decade team india have given the aussies pretty stiff competition, both home and away. I f we can improve further this might become an intense rivalry! Hopefully . . .

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