Just So Long We’re Together – Judy Blume

Yesterday, surprisingly enough, sleep was not coming to me despite my hard tries. So, I thought I will pick this short one up, read some of it and then go to sleep as it comes. But from the very first line, I got interested.

The story is about a girl called Stephanie and is narrated by her who is facing many sorts of changes in her life. As much within herself, as outside of it. She is going to be thirteen and enter adolescence, she has a new friend and one old best friend, her parents are going through divorce and she is also getting interested in boys now. For the most part of it, it is a simple story and one which almost every girl goes through in her life. Friendships, school gossip, affairs, trying to think maturely, struggling between being a kid and growing up, first periods, boys everything. In fact, the fight which Stephanie has with Rachel because a new friend has entered her life was exactly what happened with me, once where I was supposed to be Stephanie and once where I was the new girl. I could totally connect. It transported me to the school days where every thing was a fascination and even little things seemed to be so big. Dramas were usual. As I said, it is the story of every girl and even of boys to some extent.

I read a teen novel after really really long time and totally enjoyed it. If I had read it when I was an adolescent I would have totally totally loved it even then. For all young girls, it is recommended and for the older ones also so that they can go back into the memory lanes fondly.

To be the nostalgic sickly types, I miss school. I had the most fun there.

And this marks my 300th post. So, about in 3 years, I have posted 300 pieces of crap. 100 per year. Not a very remarkable feat. I should be writing more and more sensible things.


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