Welcome to Sajjanpur

Welcome to Sajjanpur could as well be called a Welcome to Quality entertainment. Clean and rich. This is what a movie should be made like. It says all the important things that it wants to say and more. It says that a simple narrative can work wonders in the hands of an able director. Because a director can reap all the benefits from the good actors. The performances are excellent and from each of the cast members. Never once you are left wanting more in the acting department. Shreyas Talpade shines, as does Amrita Rao. She is completely believable as the village belle in her body language, looks and the confused, shy character that she portrays. Ila Arun as the loud superstitious mother is spot on. Awfully good. The actor who played Munnibai needs a special complement. His work was amazing. Ravi Kishan and Rajeshwari do great justice to their short parts. Yashpal Sharma is always good.

As for the themes of the movie, there are many. Right from politics to love to widow remarriage to superstition to plight of immigrant workers to casual village woes and entertainment. It is an all encompassing and all entertaining film. Screenplay is very good which is rare phenomena in Hindi movies but an excellent team produces excellent results. I was shocked to see the fate of Shobharani and Compounder but I am afraid that is totally believable. It still does happen. And the marrying to dog to lift a curse. Absolutely true.

I can’t just put out enough praise. It is not a masterpiece and one should not expect it to be so. But what makes this movie so special to me is the sincerity that is shown in the making of it. That dedication and love and care and nurture shows on the screen.

Shreyas Talpade is such a great actor. Directors should use him more and better. Benegal sir, you should make more movies. Amrita Rao should be given more chances.

I am satisfied from a movie after quite long. I love it.


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