Jagdamba Babu Gaanv aa rahe hain – Chitra Mudgal

I was unaware about this gem of an author. The credit goes to my scant Hindi reading. But I have no clue really about good and contemporary books in Hindi and where to take advise from. I would love to read some. It is really sad that I have come away so far from Hindi literature but now I am trying to get close. I have read this book by Chitra Mudgal . It is a collection of short stories and they are so touching. More so, when you read them in your own language and visualize the familiar settings. English reading has this one disadvantage most of the times. Of that unknown distance. Her writing is exquisite and has the power to move deeply. I should like to read more of her books.

Also, I request people to please suggest some contemporary Hindi authors.


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