Why I like Condoleezza Rice

She is the ultimate woman of substance. She is the epitome of elitism, intellectualism and intelligentsia. She has had a good education, she is trained in music, she is polite, she is well behaved, she is dignified and is now leading the world’s oldest democracy and the most powerful country from the front in the arena of international relations. After all the mistakes that Bush administration had made, she is now there cleaning it up and doing that very well. She is astounding and does her job with perfection. That she is a Black American only increases the magnitude of her achievements. In a world of warring nations and authoritative regimes, she talks on her own terms with those who are considered dangerous. She, is today the most powerful woman in the world.

As you know by now how much I admire her. On the contrary, we have now the Republican VP pick Sarah Palin and if she becomes the VP, she would be in the same position and Ms. Rice and one can easily see what a comparison would look like. Can she ever be so dignified and subtle and yet forceful in her negotiations. Does she have the background and the knowledge enough to deal with all kind of world leaders? I think not. Americans would be taking a big step back if Sarah Palin becomes the VP.

But that is not the topic of my post here. It is Ms. Rice and I think all the women of the world salute her. Indifferent to her political affiliations, I think she is a woman who inspires women all around the world and kindles in them the fire of achievement. An equivalent figure is Madeleine Albright who was the Secretary of State during the Clinton administration but she needs another post for herself.

These are the kind of women we need in India, those who would lead from the front with their grit, determination, intellect and talent and wisdom. Indian politics is thirsty for such leaders.


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