I am glad!

Today I am glad that I did what I had wanted to for a long time. I wanted to make a teeny tiny difference in the life of at least one of those deprived kids who have to lose their childhood for earning their bread. There is a boy who works in the canteen of my hostel and he does not go to school. Today, I made a decision and told him that I will teach him. And I am glad that I did. Since long I had been thinking about being a teacher in the evening school run here for the poor children. But this is a better idea, because this kid I am talking about, cannot even go to that school, due to work timings clash. I asked him if he wanted to study and he said that he wanted to study but could not. Neither are his 3 elder brothers and a younger sister educated. Just his smallest sister goes to study.

I could feel that he was happy at the prospect of it. He was glad too. I made him promise me that whatever I teach him here, he is going to teach that to his siblings who are uneducated. I am excited and nervous. Excited because I am sure I am doing something positive, finally, rather than just speaking about it. Nervous because I am a horrible teacher, as my brother tells me, in the sense that I am rather impatient. But, I think that I will learn patience and many other things in this all.

I feel good.


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