The Economist – why the bias against India?

When I did not use to follow The Economist in detail and gave it just a cursory look, I thought that what a great magazine it was and what rational thinking people behind it. BUT, since I started following it more carefully and in depth and detail, with regards to India, I have found a very bigoted attitude shown by the magazine. They seem to be saying that all the economic policy decisions that we make are wrong and imprudent. They said in clear terms that India should not be granted a NSG waiver. They have also criticized India for protecting the interest of its farmers by saying no to the Doha negotiations and then accepting profitable regional agreements at ASEAN. There have been other articles too and all in the same vein. I am not able to figure what the problem is. The surprising thing is that most of the times the articles are not even argued from all ( at least 2) perspectives. Almost in all cases, it is a very skewed and bigoted analysis.

All this in my eyes has greatly reduced the credibility of “The Economist”. I am sure about the inherent bias and single minded view towards India. This leads me to doubt the credibility of other news items concerning other countries too. But then again, when has been media free from prejudice? They are after all the puppets in the hands of large multi national corporations.

Unbiased media is an oxymoron.


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