State of Indian Politics

Our political system and the political environment in in knee deep..naah..neck deep shit right now. Yes, it is. And for that I blame myself and I blame all of you adult, sensible, eligible voters who choose to not go and vote in the elections when they do happen and later crib all about the stinking mess that the system is. There are extremely passionate people who say that if you are tired and sick go join the government, contest elections and do things. I would no say that because it is not everybody’s interest to be deeply involved in politics but it is in and is everybody’s interest to have a well meaning and well functioning government. How do we expect to have one when we don’t even care? Do you even know who is standing in the elections in the constituency to which you belong? No. I bet you don’t and you would not care. You would not care about petty things like those but you would care when some minister sitting in an office will behave like a perfect imbecile. He will do so because he is an imbecile and we are the bigger ones who let him be there in the first place. At a place which could make so much difference if the right person was seated there. And after that we crib and we cry that such are our politicians.

Someone has said truly that in a democracy, we get the government we deserve. And we, the new intellectuals, oh like so much, to harp about how democracy is so good a process but forget the fundamental that it is for the people, BY THE PEOPLE. And that we are the people. We can not just sit back and expect to eat ripe fruits without sowing the seed. It makes me sick, the hypocrisy of the educated and well to do classes. It seems like they consider politics and elections for the lesser people and that is exactly what they get: The lesser politicians. When you don’t care, you are duped.

Participation is necessary to maintain a democracy. Questioning is necessary. It is necessary that we test the system time and again and contribute to make it a success . And all of this is not a Herculean task. It is extremely simple. Just one simple way to do it all: TO VOTE WITH WISDOM. That is all. I urge and request all the eligible voters to get registered this time and choose people who are if not perfect, at least better of the two. For those of who say that there are no good candidates to vote for, there is provision whereby you can reject all of the candidates and if this happens to be the majority then fresh nominations will be called. In the democracy, the power is in our hands. Let us not waste it and then sit whining and cribbing. Instead, let us make use of it for our own personal gains. Let us VOTE.

I hope that next upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be a success in real terms. Let us make it a possibility. Let us strive for a better Indian Political Process which is manned and headed by intelligent, rational and forward looking people and not some country selling, corrupt criminals. We have the instrument, we have the power.


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