India and lack of leaders!

One day I was thinking about any prominent politician or for that matter a leader of any kind in the present situation in our country and astonishingly so, noone came to my mind. Noone. Manmohan Singh appeared a little too meek. Well, you can’t be really that silent when you are leading a country of 1 billion people and more. Sonia Gandhi I did not consider seriously. She is more of a forced leader than natural. L K Advani is a leader who is utilizing his position of being a veteran. Other than that, he has no substance and is too desperate right now and pushes all the wrong agendas from my point of view. Mayawati is pure vociferousness. Rahul gandhi, I am not sure but yet again he does not seem to be a pillar of strength types, too delicate, sophisticated and soft spoken. Narendra Modi is a villain and a goonda. Prakash Karat is stubborn. Our President is hardly even recognizable. I have never heard her speak or make any statements of consequence.

On the whole, there are like one or two leaders who have qualities to reckon. I believe Somnath Chatterjee is one of them. He has integrity at least. The common thing in all of these are that they are not great orators. None of them. They cannot move a crowd which is at least partly sensible by their words, let alone ideas. I have come to realize that oratorical skills are very important in the making of a good leader. The one who comes closest is Manmohan Singh because when he does speak, he makes sense and provides conviction.

I may be missing and overlooking some totally phenomenal leaders who I don’t know about. If you do , please let me know. I will be glad to know. And just as a sidenote, I think that Sachin Pilot’s political career is one worth following. He is one of the more worthy leaders of our generation.


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