Bollywood Music and music shows bashing

Well, in the latest news, I discovered that the music of the title song of Cash, which is given by the duo Vishal Shekhar is a rip off, the beats and the chorus etc were unmistakably the same. Now that is not really a news if you consider that it is Bollywood we are talking about but all the same, I was surprised ,since I thought that at least Vishal Shekhar are not the kind to first copy and then brag about how they thought the song should be like and then came up with the song. If anyone related to them reads this I request you to please let them know that I had some respect for them and their music which has seriously dwindled here.

In more Bollywood news, this movie Rock On is turning out to be a big thing. Will have to see it I guess. Farhan Akhtar and Prachi Desai seem to have aced it. These radio shows would just get on and on about it. Als the cast appeared on some music show on Zee. Saregama i guess. It is funny watching the guest judges in this show, specially if they have come for the promotion of their movies. Their faces totally seem to be saying that dude, I am bored and I don’t even know if the contestant is singing good or bad and then there is that total tareef session where they repeat the same line for every contestant, in praise off course. It gets hard without the script it seems :). If there are some genuinely talented ones then they make up two lines and alternate them. You know, if you start taking it lightly, these shows are quite fun actually. The dramatic music when the names of the losers are to be announced, the way the judges jump onto the stage to hog the maximum limelight after every song, the way Himesh Reshamiya moves his hands like a retarded person while doing his nasal thing ( i dare not say it singing ๐Ÿ˜› :D), and the way host is all tucked up before the show andย  is actually a mere standby in all the drama and the way everyone starts crying and dedicate their songs to their moms and the next thing you know is all kerchiefs are coming out. It is actually quite interesting to see all this mess if one is in a good mood and once in a while there are some good songs to be heard too.

Okay, after all this bashing I have one deadly confession to make. I bet you would consider killing me and curse me for all I am worth but I still say (sheepishly) that I like some of the Himesh Reshamiya’s song. There is at least energy in some of them and those are the ones I like. Now, kill me. Wait, I actually said that here in public. I am gonna kill me myself ๐Ÿ˜€

cya !


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